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H.R. Process: The smart organizations
of contemporary business world comprehend that employees are theultimate resource of their enterprise.
We provide a comprehensive range of HR processing services that aim at transforming clients' internal cost centres to outsourced delivery centre for HR support. Our dedicated and highly experienced HR Services team provides appropriate domain knowledge and ensures the highest standards of compliance and quality. Saffronís HR services bouquet  includes the following:

  • Pay Rolls.

  • Employees Record & Data Management.

  • Resume Management.


Transaction Processing: Processing your transactions with speed and accuracy
is the essence of this craft. Our team consists of professionals with significant experience in a wide range of vertical domains and is equipped with appropriate technology and methods to ensure fast and accurate response to the processing requirements of our clients' customers. The transaction processing services include:

  • Customer Database Management

  • Defection Analysis

  • Data Warehousing/Back Office Support

  • Underwriting

Quality: Quality assurance is the essence to the success of any business. And itís only apt to dedicate efforts to maintaining the quality of products and services. We, at Saffron, assist you with this aspect of  your business in an efficient and cost effective
manner. The following services are delivered under this particular range:

  • Quality & Verification Check

  • Sales Qualification check



ManageMyDream  an exhaustive range of high quality BPO solutions.

From voice services and web enabled services to back office processing, from knowledge management to CRM and other
value added services, Saffron has it all in its portfolio, served in a customer friendly and customized manner. With a world-class infrastructure, Saffron is well equipped to deliver 24X7 support round the year, ceaselessly. That too, in a manner that suits your specific needs; be it business hours, overflow hours, out-of-office hours, seasonal, short term, at the time of product launch, project specific or 24X7.

professionals to turn your prospects into profitable customers. In fact, ManageMyDream  trains and  encourages its team members to go a step further and lay the foundation of a lasting  relationship by using a personalized approach. So once youíve put your outbound needs in Saffronís care, you can stop worrying about the maintenance and growth of your client base.




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