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Practice Area , Materialize Dream and determine your next projects.

Strategically Positioned with SEM and marketing integration strategies.


Expanded software assurance customers.

Extended 24x7 support availability.

Unlimited online support.

Premier support customizable services.

Access key company & financial  information.


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Customize Your Business & Materialize your Dream.

ManageMyDream offers a wide variety of custom, packaged, and self-help choices to support businesses, IT professionals, developers, home users, and our partners. ManageMyDream Services
support options provide direct access to our expert technical resources, helping you minimize your risks and maximize the benefits of your technology investment.

As each component of service delivery is critical,
ManageMyDream invests heavily on quality monitoring.
There is a continuous check on the quality exchange
between ManageMyDream Customer Relationship Executives (CRE’s) and the customers through silent monitoring, recording and customer surveys. The quality monitoring team carries out frequent performance reviews of every CRE with respect to the degree of adherence to the script and to the product or service specific information.

Globalization creates opportunity and mandates
efficiency from business organizations. Outsourcing
locally or globally allows companies to better compete
through more efficient/effective operations, and though increased ability to focus on true value creation. To assist prospective business partners gain a perspective on outsourcing, the following brief overview is provided.  Outsourcing Process Overview:

  • Identify Opportunities

  • Select a Partner

  • Transition Service

  • Maximize Value

  • Ensure Success



ManageMyDream  keeps a keen emphasis on quality to deliver the best in class. All this is made possible with trained expertise, quality processes and a state-of-the-art technology, so ManageMyDream can meet each and every expectation of yours. Saffron brings you total CRM solutions from the most preferred and cost effective global destination, India.

As your outsourcing business partner, ManageMyDream offers 24X7 support, an unflinching dedication to your customer relations and the widest range, all catered in a cost effective manner.

The training sessions at Saffron are hands-on and interactive; with a significant amount of role-play to enhance and reinforce coaching with practical applications and practice.

The trainer’s follow-up with their training
group on a regular basis, allowing them the
opportunity to identify areas that need further emphasis. The training sessions also help maintain a bond with the new employees until they are fully integrated with the company.




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